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Understanding and resolving issues of societal impact is becoming increasingly important for institutions from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. In this section we offer systems analyses of such issues.


Author Summary
A Systemic View of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict David Peter Stroh Examines the dynamics underlying one of the most troubling conflicts of our time and identifies the leverage points for a sustainable solution.

A Systems View of the Economic Crisis

David Peter Stroh Analyzes the policy implications of the 2008 economic crisis for business and political leaders.
A Systemic Approach to Ending Homelessness David Peter Stroh & Michael Goodman Describes the system dynamics underlying Calhoun County's experience with chronic homelessness; by identifying these issues a community group was able to design a change initiative that
is having lasting social impact.

Leveraging Grantmaking Parts 1 and 2

David Peter Stroh and Kathleen Zurcher Describes the often non-obvious dynamics that tend to thwart people’s best intentions to improve social systems and explains how funders can learn to work with these dynamics to increase their effectiveness